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Amellia Tamanaha has enjoyed competing at a national and international level for both BJP Physical Culture and Rhythmic Gymnastics; she has won titles in both sports.  A dancer since age 2, Amellia is trained in classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance.


Amellia is a Rhythmic Gymnastics coach at Ravenswood School for Girls and has completed an Bachelor of Psychology and Business at the University of New South Wales; she also holds a number of accreditations from Gymnastics Australia, including an Advanced Coaching Certificate.


Millie believes she can thank her years of Physie for teaching her many important life lessons and she is excited to be teaching a whole new generation of girls the grace, strength and confidence she learnt from Physie.  Millie and the team at North Shore Physie are strong supporters of BJP’s motto, empowering girls for life.

Amellia Tamanaha
Principal and Founder


Sophie Macourt, the 2nd Year Senior runner up for 2020, brings with her many years of Physie experience and is looking forward to working with our girls in Season 2023. With a passion for teaching and empowering young girls, Sophie is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Education at the University of Sydney and currently teaches dance at Pymble Ladies’ College. 

Sophie Macourt

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Simone is a life long Physie enthusiast, she started Physie as a 6 year old; a very long time ago! She now uses her organisational skills to keep the North Shore Physie stars on their (pointed) toes and lots and lots of balls in the air....she’s also in charge of picking up the balls that don’t stay in the air.

Simone Tamanaha
Associate & Founder

Jacqui Clark
Club Member Protection Officer 

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